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15 March, 4.44pm pst
Gore Claims Creation Of BeOS

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Vice President Al Gore, soon after taking credit for creating the Internet, went on to claim he was a key figure in the creation of the BeOS.

"Well, I had already created the Internet and was looking for another paradigm to shift," said Gore in an email to Be Dope. "I came up with the whole BeOS/BeBox idea over lunch one day."

Gore's comments came as a surprise to Be officials.

"Just as the Internet was a reality years before Gore entered Congress, Gore had nothing to do with the BeOS until he ordered his copy in 1996," said Be, Inc. CEO Jean-Louis Gassée.

Politcal reporters are not surprised by this turn of events.

"During any elections, and especially Presidential elections, it's common to see politicians take credit for things they had little - if anything at all - to do with," said Wired News reporter Declan McCullagh. "Traditionally, this would be things such as a lower crime rate, strong economy, and so on. Gore, being somewhat tech-savvy, realizes the Internet is a growing force in mainstream America, so he steps up to take credit."

Gore has been an advocate of the BeOS from the day he installed it, and it is rumored he may be a keynote speaker at this year's Be Development Conference.

"Gore, as a heavy BeOS user, recognizes the role it will play in the future and figures he'll take credit now, instead of waiting too long as he did with the Interntet," explained McCullagh. "Sure, there are plenty of facts to prove him wrong, but his strategy is to keep beating on the phrase 'inventor of the BeOS' so that by the time elections come around in 2000 'Gore' and 'BeOS' will be hopelessy related in the mind of voters - no doubt securing him a landside victory."

Representatives of Al Gore did not comment on this story.


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