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17 March, 3.42pm pst
BeOS Edited From New Gates Book

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Bill Gate's new book Business @ the Speed of Thought: Using a Digital Nervous System offers up such pearls of wisdom as "if you don't meet customer demands quickly enough, without sacrificing quality, a competitor will."

To quote one review, Duh.

According to sources inside Warner Books, the first draft of the book was much more exciting - containing truly masterful strategies for advancing your business."

"Trouble is, we had to edit all the good stuff out once this whole trial thing started," said a Warner Books editor, speaking to Be Dope via anonymous email.

According to this source, there were originally "20 or 30 steps" instead of the published 12. Left on the cutting room floor were such items as "Use Rebates As Punitive Weapons", "Buy Secret BeOS Information From 3rd Parties", "Prepare Microsoft Linux, Just In Case", "Buy Out BeDope", "Contribute One Million Dollars To the GOP" and several others.

"It seems in the first draft, Mr. Gates simply wrote whatever was on his mind at the time," said our source. "It was quite interesting but of course never got past the Microsoft lawyers."

Time Magazine will feature Bill Gates and his new book as their next cover story. The book is published by Warner Books. Both Time Magazine and Warner Books are owned by Time Warner. A Time Warner spokesperson assured us the Time cover story selling their own book was just a "coincidence".

Each book ships with a copy of Internet Explorer, which cannot be separated from the book.


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