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23 March, 5.15pm pst
JenniCam Captures BeOS

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Before the Truman Show, before edTV, there was JenniCam, a website created when a woman named Jennifer decided to live her life in the public eye.

Lately, sharp-eyed Be Dope readers have emailed reports of the BeOS running on Jenni's computer, as Jenni works at web design, reading email and chatting online. This has sparked a lively debate on the JenniCam usenet groups.

Some fear Jenni will adopt the BeOS fully, thus allowing her to finish work more quickly - and allow more time for outside interests, away from the JenniCam.

Many argue that with the adoption of the BeOS will lead to a more pleasant computing experience, which in turn will motivate Jenni to stay at the computer once work is finished to simply have fun.

Only time will what the outcome will be. But one thing is certain - many will be watching.


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