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26 March, 12.04pm pst
SimCities Out Of Control

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Reports of trouble with the port of SimCity 3000 for the BeOS have surfaced from the Be campus.

"Perhaps I have made the code a little too efficient," admitted Be engineer Jean-Baptiste Queru.

No longer tolerant of users who have no concept of city planning, SimCitizens are seizing control of their own cities.

"If there should be a road, and you don't build it, the SimCitizens will," explained Queru. "Continue to mismanage the city and they'll take away your control completely - restructuring the budget, building colleges, making deals with neighbors - anything they feel is best for their city."

Queru plans to de-optimize the code for the general release, but several city governments have expressed interest in the current version.

"[New York City mayor] Giuliani calls at least three times a day, asking for a custom New York version filled with self-navigating SimCitizens," said Queru. "I think he wants to see what they do and take credit for their ideas."


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