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30 March, 5.18pm pst
Comet BeOS To Brighten Earth's Skies

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) NASA officials today confirmed the existence of "Comet BeOS", a newly discovered comet named after the operating system partially responsible for the discovery.

Amateur astronomer Rosanna O'Shea of Wyoming discovered the comet using the BeOS and home-brewed software developed for her eighth grade science fair.

"The APIs are very well done," explained O'Shea.

The software worked to control her telescope, and capture images with a digital camera. Image enhancement and pattern recognition software helped O'Shea spot and track the comet.

Comet BeOS follows an orbit that brings it close to Earth every 3,000 years. O'Shea projects the comet will be highly visible during the months of July and August.


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