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1 April, 11.30am pst
Typo Leads To April Fool's Day Chaos

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) "Be Dope Shut Down" read the headline, posted on www.bedope.com just after midnight (EST) on April 1st - a date known to many as "April Fool's Day".

The story below the headline explained Be Dope would be shut down until a lawsuit with a certain party (an ironic legal term referring to a group of people who are most definitely in no mood to party) was settled. The party was not named in the explanation.

This reporter was finally able to contact the Be Dope team, which is on a spiritual retreat in Tibet.

"Oh, that was a typo," said a Be Dope editor.

Before the typo was corrected, several corporations were shut down as Be Dope readers immediately flooded the phonelines, websites and email servers of those thought to be responsible. The victims were as varied as the subjects of Be Dope stories and included Microsoft, Apple, the Vatican, Coca-Cola, LucasArts, Intel, TransMeta, the White House, the FBI, the CIA, McDonalds,the NSA, Hallmark, Disney and even Be, Inc.

When it was pointed out UserFriendly and Segfault.org had posted similar "sites closed" messages the Be Dope spokesperson commented that it must have been "a bad day for typing".


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