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2 April, 12.01am pst
Flying Batmobiles Invade Menlo Park

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) In a comprehensive look at the history of operating systems and and the somtimes twisted path they've taken to arrive at their current state, Neal Stephenson's In the Beginning was the Command Line makes some interesting analogies. In one, OS vendors are compared to automobile companies. In his example, Microsoft sells broken-down stations wagons while Be, Inc. sells fully operational flying Batmobiles.

Recent evidence suggests the comparison might be more than a colorful turn of phrase. Scattered reports of "flying cars" and "alien spaceships" are on the rise in Menlo Park, California - home of the Be, Inc. campus.

"They're always coming at the drive thru in their fancy flyin' cars, scaring away customers with laser beams," said the manager of Clark's, a popular hamburger eatery on El Camino Real. "If they didn't order something like fifty burgers a day, I'd tell them to fly right on out of here."

Sources in Menlo Park recently observed the massive reinforcing of the roof of Benoit Tower, the tallest building on the Be campus. This conceivably could accomodate a landing and launching pad for the Batmobiles.

Rumor has it Be built the flying Batmobiles to covertly shuttle international visitors and technical experts in and out of the campus. Of course they are suitable for other uses such as quickly picking up suplies from Fry's, dropping monitors from great heights, and cruising for chicks.

Attempts to interview Be employees on this subject as they left for work were foiled as they raced away at speeds in excess of 200 mph.


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