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5 April, 5.55pm pdt
Jetson Pleads For Mercy, BeOS

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) George Jetson, a cartoon character from the future, pleaded for mercy today as he was forced to shoot another series of commercials for Radio Shack.

"I'm from a civilization of advanced technology," sobbed Jetson. "Please stop forcing me to endorse these products, any of which my boy Elroy could have built for his second-grade science class."

While enjoying a greater technolgy than we do in present-day earth, Jetson's agent was unaware the levels to which our legal expertise had risen. Thus, Jetson's entire life was signed away to Hanna-Barbera for a negligable salary and frequent private visits with Rosie the Robot.

Some products Jetson would be proud to endorse are the BeOS, any make/model of flying car and My-T-Fine Pudding.


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