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12 April, 4.02pm pdt
BeDC Special Report, Day II

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Many Be developers and employees were re-introduced to the concept of "breakfast" as they stumbled out of bed earlier than they had in years in order to participate in the day's proceedings.

All came fully awake, however, as the sessions progressed. Several developers began coding new apps during the breaks between talks.

"The Media Kit presents previously impossible opportunities," said one developer as he typed furiously at his laptop.

The highlight of the evening came Be revealed the "presenters" at the BeDC were actually holographic projections of Be employees back at the Be, Inc. campus. A specialized bank of cameras and microphones fed the information into the Media Kit for encoding, sped them the conference via a high-speed connection where they were decoded, fed through the Media Kit again and projected as three-dimensional holograms. A twelve millisecond latency was reported.

Those who stayed late into the night were rewarded with an impromptu jam session by several Be employees who performed "BeOS - The OS" for a cheering crowd. Be Dope will present the exclusive premier of this song soon in the Be Dope Media Center.


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