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20 April, 1.17pm pdt
"BeOS - It's The OS"

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Video production began today for "5038 (BeOS - It's The OS)", the latest in a popular series of songs dedicated to the BeOS.

Mtv execs on hand for the BeDC saw the song performed late Saturday night and knew they were witnessing the beginning of a phenomenom.

"What we have here is a 'Partridge Family Theme' for today's generation," said an Mtv exec. "The merging of operating systems and music is an inevitable event, given the growing computer market. I believe history will look back at the BeOS as a turning point in the genre. With songs like 5038, virtual(void) and the BeOS Talkin' Blues, the BeOS music culture is clearly as advanced as the OS itself.

The file can be downloaded from The Be Dope Media Center.

Dreamworks has reportedly purchased the movie rights for 4.6 million dollars.


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