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29 April 1999, 5.02pm pdt
BeOS Putty Port

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) - As hinted at in pictures from this year's BeDC, The highly portable BeOS has been ported to yet another platform: Silly Putty.

In this picture, Be engineer Dominic Giampaolo has begun to transfer the beginnings of the Be File System onto a critical mass of putty, through a new "Vulcan Mind Meld" type input method (found in the /experimental folder of Genki).

"A few days after the BeDC we were able to boot the BeOS on the putty," admitted Giampaolo. "We've still got a few issues to work out, but we expect to have everything running smoothly by the Genki release."

Among the more troublesome bugs is the tendency for pictures to display inverted and in grayscale.

Despite the flaws, the Putty platform already offers several advantages.

"A BeOS Putty machine can be shaped to take advantage of any type of space limitation," explained Giampaolo. "Plus, peripheral, monitor and power cables simply can simply jam into the putty, alleviating a need for ports."

Several OEMs have expressed interest in manufacturing BeOS Putty Machines. It is unknown at this time if they will ship in giant plastic eggs.


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