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3 May 1999, 5.04pm pdt
Be Changes R4.5 Codename

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) - Be, Inc. officials confirmed rumors that BeOS R4.5, formerly codnamed "Genki" (Japanese for "Real Soon Now") is now codenamed "Episode One OS".

"We have been helplessly swept away by the Lucasfilm hype machine," admitted Roy Graham, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing.

The decision was made after a crate of Episode One: The Phantom Menace toys and Legos was found on the Be campus. The resulting state of Star Wars euphoria soon permeated every department (except Victor's office) and effected the change of codename.

In other news, Jean-Louis Gassée is now known as Obi-wan Gassée and a new VP of Droid Development has been hired.

"We are now the Media and Droid OS," said Gassée. "We feel one complements the other very well."


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