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4 May 1999, 4.58pm pdt
Bible Author Fights Addiction

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) - Scot Hacker, author of The BeOS Bible and keeper of the BeHive, has checked into a specialized clinic in the latest chapter of his ongoing struggle with brine shrimp addiction.

"Sometimes I miss the feel of brine shrimp in my nostrils in the morning," Hacker admitted when contacted by Be Dope reporters earlier today.

According to Hacker, he first picked up the habit in his teen years. As reported on beosbible.com:

"Before college, Hacker made a living cleaning boat bottoms and performing underwater salvage operation"
It was at this time that Hacker began snorting brine shrimp, urged on by incredible peer pressure from the other boat scrapers. Unfortunately, it was a habit Hacker would take with him as he moved on from boat scraping to rebuilding air-cooled VW engines and eventually writing about the BeOS.

Hacker described to Be Dope reporters the lengths he would sometimes go to for his brine shrimp (also known as "sea monkeys" in street lingo) fix:

"You're upside down in 45 degree water, made as murky as night by the detritus you've already scraped, working your way along the hull by feel, and sea monkeys are crawling up your nose."
Doctors are optimistic about his chances for recovery.

"Of course, no one is ever 'cured' of brine shrimp abuse, but reaching out for help is a positive sign that Mr. Hacker is on the path to keeping things under control," said Dr. Abe Halmath. "While here he'll be converting the entire clinic over to the BeOS as part of his therapy."


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