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5 May 1999, 9.58pm pdt
Amazon Accidentally Acquires Be Dope

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) - Amazon.com, the world's largest bookstore, music store, movie store and drugstore was also for a time the world's largest BeOS information store when it accidentally acquired Be Dope early last week.

"We have to admit we got a bit carried away," admitted Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos. "But we are under a lot of pressure to buy a lot of companies while our stock remains at an impossibly high value."

While in town acquiring another company, Amazon stopped by the Be Dope offices for some e-commerce advice, as is their habit. It was at this meeting that Be Dope executives suggested an even closer partnership.

"As long as Jeff has his checkbook out, why not have him stop by," I reportedly asked.

Several dozen drinks later the deal was closed.

Amazon had cause to reconsider their deal as early as the next day as Be Dope put their new Amazon.com corporate card to use. The purchases included several new computers, all the new Star Wars toys and Legos, two senators, a helicopter and a weather satellite.

"At least we think it was a weather satellite," Bezos commented, closing the blinds in his office.

Within hours officials from both companies met and Be Dope purchased itself back from Amazon.

Calling from his helicopter a Be Dope official promised things would now be back to "business as ususal".

Amazon.com stock was down 12% on news of the Be Dope sale.


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