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6 January, 2001 9.33am pst | Monet Edition
Competitors Respond To "Bit Player" Sony Deal
up from the depths...e Villa!

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Responding to the unveiling of Sony's new internet appliance, mysteriously named "e Villa" and powered by BeIA, Be Inc. competitors were quick to dismiss the partnership as a "minor deal" among "bit players".

"Sony is out there on the fringe," said Microsoft Vice President, Embedded and Appliance Platforms Group, Bill Veghte. "We're not building Walkmans&153; here. What are they, a forty-eight billion dollar company? I think Bill [Gates] spent that on his kid's birthday party last year."

"We're better. No, really. We are. Seriously," claimed Greg Bergsma, vice president of North America operations at QNX (pronounced 'Cue-nicks') Software Systems.

"As I said before, BeIA is impossible," said one competing company exec, requesting anonymity. "Therefore this device is impossible. I must conclude that Sony has joined Be in what can only be called a 'Liar Alliance'".

"It will take more than just sleek design and sexy plastic to - oh wait, nevermind," commented Apple CEO Steve Jobs, noting the industrial design of the e Villa.

Be Inc. official were unavailable for comment. According to unoffcial sources, they are all "partying, big time".


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