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31 October, 2000 9:30am pdt | Lumpling Edition
Jobs, Gassée Meet Awkwardly
oh hi there

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) An air of general awkwardness prevailed yesterday at the Palo Alto Whole Foods Market, as Be Inc. CEO Jean-Louis Gassée unexpectedly ran into Apple CEO Steve Jobs. According to eyewitnesses, the impromptu checkout line meeting resulted in several minutes of uncomfortable chit-chat.

Jobs and Gassée, both Palo Alto residents, have both been known to frequent Whole Foods, a neighborhood "healthy" grocery store. Despite this fact, this is the first known encounter of the two in years. Whole Foods cashier Karl Basami expected the worst.

"Jobs was standing in line and all of a sudden I see Gassée making his way over, all casual-like, kind of browsing the vitamin aisle and not really paying attention," reported Basami. "So I nudge [Whole Foods co-worker] Tina and I'm like, 'Hey check this out, this ought to be good'".

Basami's expectations were never realized, however. As can be seen in this transcript of their conversation obtained exclusively by Be Dope, the meeting, while uncomfortable at times, remained civil.

Jobs: Oh hey there

JLG: Hmm? Oh..hi

Jobs: Err..so how are you?

JLG: Fine, fine. You?

Jobs: Can't complain really. Umm..

JLG: Buying some rice, I see.

Jobs: Yes, running a bit low on the brown rice at home...

JLG: Very good for you. The brown rice.

Jobs: Yes, yes. Hmmm. So how are the kids?

JLG: Doing well. All present and accounted for.

Jobs: Ah. Er. Hey, about ... the clone thing. You know, killing them off. Nothing personal there you know.

JLG: No, no of course not. Purely business. Like the G3 motherboard specifications.

Jobs: Yessss... like that. No hard feelings right?

JLG: Heavens no. I am somewhat shocked that you even have to ask. We're all professionals here.

Jobs: Right, right, forgive me. I just couldn't help but notice your cart. You seem to have..what is it...seven dozen eggs there?

JLG: Eight dozen, actually.

Jobs: Ah eight dozen. Hmm. And, you see, it's Halloween today..

JLG: It's what?

Jobs: Halloween..you know, witches, goblins, petty vandalism...

JLG: Oh, of course! Sometimes I forget these strange customs of my adopted country. How this must look [laughs heartily].

Jobs: [laughing] Yes, sort of odd...

JLG: Quiche.

Jobs: Excuse me?

JLG: What the eggs are for. I'm making some quiche tonight.

Jobs: Ahhhhh.

JLG: Well, I have a lot of family in town this week. From the Old Country.

Jobs: [laughing and paying for his purchases] Well, have a wonderful time then. Glad to see how there are no hard feelings. Happy Halloween!

JLG: Hmmm? Oh yes, and a Merry Halloween to you too!

Jobs: [exiting and waving] Bye now!

JLG: [waves goodbye] Yes, goodbye for now.

Cashier: Will that be all sir?

JLG: Actually, could have someone bring out a case of toilet paper from the back?

Cashier: Right away sir.


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