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1 September, 2000 4.59pm pdt | Miwok Edition

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) According to key Be, Inc. engineers, the BeIA effort has been setback as the BeIA installation seems to be misplaced. Although no facts are known for sure, it is assumed to have been compressed to require less then one byte causing it to slip undetected through registers.

This breakthrough is set to revolutionize the BeIA field, once the misplaced installation is found. This new ultra-reduced footprint may require revolutionary half-bit memory required in some BeIA devices.

We just use several fonts to draw our bits," explained Pierre Raynaud-Richard, VP of Engineering. "Thus, the underlined 0 doesn't have exactly the same value as the bold 0. or the italic 0. I'm not even speaking about the fixed-sized underlined italic bold 0."

"We have also achieved a startling amount of compression by recycling unused 1's into 0's through the simple method of joining their ends."

In related news, Raynaud-Richard has also misplaced his car keys and hopes that when he finds one, he will find the other.


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