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8 August, 2000 11:30am pdt | Fab Edition
Haiku-Fu: Contest Winner And New Section

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) At long last the judges of Be Dope Contest #2: Haiku Wizardry have agreed upon a winner! Due to the enthusiastic response and high quality of entries, it took us a lot longer than anticipated. This enthusiasm has also inspired to create a new Haiku section here on Be Dope. Read on for the winning haiku, some of our favorites and details of this new section.

First, a thank you to all who entered. Over 120 haikus were entered into the contest. The final round of judging was a gut-wrenching experience for the judges, who were forced to choose from among many favorites. But in the end, there can only be one winner. In this case, the winning haiku was submitted by Irfon-Kim Ahmad

Twenty MP3s.
Twelve movies on spinning cubes.
Be cacophony.
Irfon-Kim submitted quite a few entries, but in the end this is the one all the judges agreed upon. We felt it captured the history, power and sometimes chaotic nature of BeOS and Be, Inc. Plus it just sounds cool.

As mentioned above, we received many quality entries. Some runners-up and some other favorites are printed below. To showcase the rest of the haikus, we have created the Be Haiku Generator - check it out for all the entries. While it is too late to enter the contest, it's not too late to submit more haikus to the Be Haiku Generator. Send haiku@bedope.com your creative outpourings and share them with the entire Be community.

The immediate runners-up were (in no particular order):

Beautiful OS.
Elegance. Simplicity.
D'oh! There's no Java!
  - Irfon-Kim Ahmad

Imagine a world
without gluttony and sloth.
Do you see Windows?
  - bobrost el magnifico

Yellow titlebars
dot the workspaces. See my
  - Brent P. Newhall

The gourmet's OS
Ripe with possibility
So much unfinished
  - Scot Hacker

I'm saving my cash
To get a special BeIA
In my cranium
  - Syn.Terra

NetPositive weeps
Lonely, forgotten ex-love
New springtime romance
  - Scott Barta

There were also a few honorable mentions:

Best Cautionary Haiku:
Tread carefully the Be path
Are we kooks or saints?
  - Scot Hacker

Best Expression Of Opinion About Be's Focus Shift:
There was a bebox
Now there is a beoven
Gassée eat my socks
  - quix@kc.rr.com

Best Summary Of A Be Dope Story:
New BeDope Linux
Version 27.1; Wow!
AVN ownz j00.
  - Irfon-Kim Ahmad

Best Haiku To Recite Tauntingly As You Finish Work:
Co-worker re-boots;
Meanwhile all my work is done.
I go out and play!
  - dave@owenville.com

Best Haiku To Think About At Lunchtime:
Spongy fresh Twinkie
Jean-Louis will eat it if
You add a hot dog
  - Eric Shepherd

Best Haiku Submitted Anonymously Which Is Not An Official Recommendation Of Be Dope And May Contain Forward-looking Statements:
Buy some freaking stock
All you stupid investors
Make lots of money
  - anonymous

Best Stick-To-Your-Principles Haiku Submitted By A Non-Be Fan:
BeOS is bad
proprietary software.
My boycott remains.
  - Monkey Master

Best Haiku Ode To The BeBox:
No more Blinkenlites.
The geekport is history.
Farewell, yon BeBox.
  - Tom Spindler

Best Haiku Submitted In Japanese:
Be wa totemo
daisuki to omoimasu yo.
Be wa suki desu ka?
  - bobrost el magnifico

Best Haiku To Leave Us In Suspense:
the best thing about
be, incorporated, is:
damn, I'm out of space
  - Leonard Richardson

Thanks again to all who entered. Remember, you can check out many more haiku creation with our new Be Haiku Generator.


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