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1 June, 2000 7:55pm pdt | Quartz Edition
BeIA Appliance Defeats Iron Chef
The Iron Chef

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) History was made last week when a prototype BeIA kitchen appliance beat Japan's celebrated "Iron Chef" on the popular television series of the same name. Be officials admit good fortune, along with advanced BeIA technology, contributed to their victory.

"We all cheered when okapi was announced as the main ingredient," said Be's Steve Sakoman.

Be engineers often hunt the several wild herds of okapi that still roam Menlo Park by chasing them across the Be campus, tiring them, and then dropping monitors on their heads from the tops of various buildings. The resulting feast often lasts days.

The BeIA appliance had hundreds of okapi recipes on file. By displaying instructional movies to its team of sous chefs, a full three course dinner of delectable okapi dishes was prepared. BeIA also consulted with various websites for advice on a few cases of ingredient substitutions.

The first dish consisted of carmelized onions mixed with seasoned okapi strips, covered with a light bread-crumb crust and goat cheese, and baked in a tartlette shell.

Next up was cajun okapi fritters, which of course need no explanation.

The main dish was penne pasta with a creamy okapi-vodka red sauce.

For dessert, the BeIA appliance prepared a chocolate-okapi mousse that had the judges licking their dessert cups clean.

The judges wasted little time in naming the BeIA appliance the winner against the rather pedestrian offerings of the Iron Chef (okapi nachos, okapi satay skewers and braised leg of okapi).

FoodTV has reportedly offered the BeIA appliance its own show with a salary in the six digits.


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