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31 May, 2000 12.35pm pdt | Particle-Wave Edition
Be Dope Begins FTL Light Experiments
Be Dope Labs

"But the results are promising so far," added Doxie.

While theoretically complete, Doxie was quick to note that the procedure is still considred highly experimental, and the days of actual Be Dope stories being accelrated to finish before they are started are far in the future.

Soon after starting to adapt the model to work with Be Dope stories, it was already done. Doxie then began a series of experiments based on the new code, only to find them already completed.

"I was writing code for a new set of experiments, when I noticed that the code was complete while I was still composing the opening comments," explained Doxie.

After several days, there was a breakthrough.

Then, Be Dope staff began modeling experiment variations under the technical direction of Be Dope CTO Dr. N. Doxie. First, the experimental instruments and devices used by the scientists were redesigned to use a custom BeOS kernel.

Soon after scientists annouced they had succeeded in accelerating a beam of light up to 300 times the speed of light, making it possible to observe the main part of a pulse of light exiting a chamber even before it enters, Be Dope staff members met to answer the important question: how can we use this technology to make writing Be Dope stories easier? BE DOPE NEWS (BDN)


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