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30 May, 2000 11.35am pdt | Malibu Edition
BeOS/Karate Kid Conspiracy?
The Karate Kid Conspiracy?

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Nowhere in the movie "The Karate Kid" is there a reference to BeOS. Nowhere in BeOS is there a reference to "The Karate Kid". Coincidence? Not so, according to a group of BeOS conspiracy theorists.

"The very act of blatantly failing to make any sort of reference to BeOS in the movie is direct evidence of a vast conspiracy that deeply penetrates both the entertainment industry and the heart of Silicon Valley," said Jefferson Igis, leader of a loose-knit group of BeOS conspiracy theorists known as "The BeOS Conspiracy Theorists".

Be, Inc. officials had no comment on the conspiracy, but did point out the fact that "The Karate Kid" was released in 1984, six years before Be, Inc. was formed.

"Sure, that's exactly what they want you to believe," said Igis.

According to Igis, that's only half the story.

"How do they [Be, Inc.] then explain the fact that in every public interview and article written about them, there are exactly zero mentions of 'The Karate Kid'? No comment indeed."

Columbia Pictures did not return Be Dope's calls at press time.

"If it wasn't for this restraining order Columbia put out against me, I could get all the evidence I need to blow the lid off this thing and shock the world."

"And don't think I don't know your part in all of this, you tool of the west-wing BeOS tamany hall machine," he added.


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