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2 May, 2000 2.00pm pdt | Cypher Edition
Be Refocuses On Chinese Food
Yummy New Focus!

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Be, Inc. announced they are shifting their focus from the once-hot internet appliance market to what they believe is a much bigger market - chinese food.

"Almost everyday for the past ten years I've sat on the Be couches and watched vast quantities of chinese food being consumed," said Be, Inc. CEO Jean-Louis Gassée. "I'm amazed it took this long for the idea to come to me."

Does this mean Be is abandoning BeOS and BeIA? Certainly not, says Be.

"BeOS will always be our development platform, where we test new recipes using complex taste bud sensory simulators," explained Gassée. "Other specialized programs will calculate optimal delivery routes dynamically, use voice and image recognition algorithms to order favorites of "regulars" the moment they call or walk in the door and control automated knives, rice steamers and woks."

"BeIA will be used in low-cost devices given to repeat customers. These devices will allow them to have food delivered to them wherever they are, using the latest in wireless and GPS technologies."

According to reports, Gassée has consumed enough Chinese Chicken Salad to feed a small village comfortably for years.


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