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10 April, 2000 11.00am pdt | Amoeba Edition
BeOS Icon Tarot Discovered
The Icon Tarot

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Archaeologists are excited over a recent discovery of what appears to be an ancient set of a "tarot card-like" cards, presumabely used in ages past to divine what the future held for an individual. They are extremely puzzled by the fact that the images on the cards match images currently used for BeOS system and application icons.

"Here we have what tests clearly indicate are cards that are hundreds of years old, yet containing images that are found in a modern operating system," said Louise Krasniewicz, Director, Digital Archaeology Lab, UCLA.

According to documents found along with the cards, the images are visual cues that work to divine what the future may hold for those undergo a reading.

Scientists so far are divided into two camps: those who believe the images were introduced into the past as a result of clandestine Be, Inc. time travel experiments, and those who believe the founders of Be, Inc. discovered a set of cards and have been using them to help guide the company (as well as borrowing card images for BeOS).

Some handwritten notes of unknown origin found with the cards suggest an earlier, unidentified archaelogist had begun study on the cards. From these notes, current scientists have been able to reconstruct bits and pieces of the history and use of the cards.

Unique among the features of Icon Tarot is their user-friendliness. Any individual could simply pick up the cards and give themselves a reading, unlike other card systems where a "wizard" "medium" or other expert is needed to adminster the cards. The cards also could supplement traditional tarot card readings, rather than replace them.

The notes also suggest that while Icon Tarot readings were more accurate and speedier than traditional methods of fortune telling, and favored by many scholars, they eventually lost out to these inferior methods and faded into obscurity due to marketing.

The notes document the band of gypsies who were thought to create the Icon Tarot were known for playing loud music, rarely sleeping, eating "exotic food of the Orient" and dropping various objects from the tops of tall trees.

Be Dope gained access to the cards and has been authorized to reproduce them in digital form. To experience this ancient mystery from the comfort of your own computer, visit the Be Dope Icon Tarot.


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