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7 March, 2000 3.40pm pst | deLites Edition
Gore Invites Gassée To White House Staff

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Vice President Al Gore propelled himself to "an unbeatable lead" in the United States presidential primary this "Super Tuesday" when he announced his intention to appoint long-time friend and Be, Inc. CEO Jean-Louis Gassée as Technology Advisor should he win his bid for the White House this November.

Gore, who has benefitted from and admired BeOS in the past, proclaimed Gassée a "logical choice."

"Gassée has faced his own 'evil empires', coexisted peacefully and recognized and developed amazing technology over the last ten years," said Gore. "Clearly here is someone capable of implementing revolutionary technology programs across the nation."

The announcement was met with enthusiasm by political analysts and overt drooling by the press corps, no doubt in anticipation of juicy JLG sound bytes.

"Plus [Gassée] knows where the best restaurants are located in any major city around the world," Gore added. "A valuable addition to any staff".


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