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9 February, 2000 2.25pm pst | Milo Edition
"Flipper" - Innocent Typo Or Revealing Clue?
Flipper? Clipper? Hipper? Big Dipper?

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) In a recent Reuters news story, it was reported that Be would be demonstrating it's new operating system, BeIA, on a "Flipper" device at Demo 2000. A subsequent demonstration on a device code-named Clipper led everyone to believe the original report to be in slight error. However, one analyst believes the "Flipper Report" to be a vital clue to a secret project between Be, Inc. and Nintendo.

A portion of the email is reprinted below, although it has been edited to protect his identity and make things more interesting.

"The Flipper Report reveals a lot, if you know how to put the pieces together. First, the next generation Nintendo device is based on the PowerPC chip, which BeIA supports. Many have asked why Be engineers would spend som much time on a platform used by a dwindling userbase. This helps explains it. Second, Be COO Steve Sakoman was involved in the original Nintendo project while he worked at SGI. Third, BeIA has a significantly reduced footprint, which would benefit its inclusion in a gaming device. Fourth, Be engineers spend a lot of time playing Nintendo games. Fifth, and perhaps most significant is the fact that the new Nintendo device is codenamed "Dolphin" - and what else could power a dolphin besides a "Flipper"? This indisputable evidence points to some sort of Be-Nintendo relationship, or perhaps to the possibility that Nintendo will buy Be outright."

Be, Inc. officials would not comment on this story, citing their policy not to comment on rumors. But I'm pretty sure I heard Super MarioCarts being played in the background.


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