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26 January, 2000 2.40pm pst | Sunset Edition
Be Engineer Spotted In Corum III
Pavel or Zipy?

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) What do Be engineers do to relax after work? A screen shot from the game Corum III featured on the Next Generation Entertainment website suggests at least one moonlights as a videogame character. Although Be officials have declined comment, few would argue that the above Corum character is an exact likeness of Pavel Císler, Tracker engineer.

"Yep, that's him all right," said one Be engineer speaking on condition of anonymity. "I've seen him scowl that exact way before when arguing about C++ classes."

In Corum III, Pavel is known as "Zipy", a mysterious sorcerer-like character who appears later in the game to help the player on his or her quest.

"Mysterious, helpful, sorcerer - sure sounds like Pavel to me," said our anonymous source.

Be Dope reporters were at press time unable to discern the true nature of Pavel/Zipy.

"As it stands, we don't know if Pavel is posing as Zipy or Zipy is posing as Pavel," I explained. "Certainly having a sorcerer on staff would help explain some of the technological advances present in BeOS."

"I hope he doesn't turn me into a newt or anything," our anonymous source added.


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