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11 January, 2000 12.37pm pst | Viking Edition
Be Dope Presents New Stuff
Be Dope

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Displacing the AOL/Time Warner merger news, Be Dope announced today it has officially changed its logo. Other functional and informational changes were also implemented, including votable polls, a new About section, a new advertising model and much more. Read on for details.

We contacted ourseleves for more information:

The new space-themed logo was drawn by Nitrozac, the creator of After Y2K!. This theme better reflects the alleged alien origins of BeOS while looking hip and edgy in a retro sort of way.

By popular demand, you can now vote in the polls found on Be Dope's front page.

We also have an all new About section, which includes credits and reports of Be Dope in the news.

Also by popular demand, a more scalable impression-based advertising model. Now whether you are a lone developer or mega-corporation, it's easy for you to advertise on Be Dope.

All stories in the archives back to 1998 have been converted to the one story per page format. We hope to convert the remaining stories soon.

If you haven't already, check out The Quotable JLG - now available as a .sig file for your favorite email program.

Please send us feedback and let us know what you think. We'll probably be touching things up over the next few days.

At this time we will neither confirm nor deny that the new look is related to any plans for Be Dope to file for an IPO.


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