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10 January, 2000 3.55pm pst | Floyd Edition
Be, Inc. Considers Name Change
Be, Inc. Logo.

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Following the seventeenth article with the title "To Be or not to Be", Be, Inc. is reportedly considering changing their name. While a name change would create several logistical annoyances, most executives believe putting an end to "cutesy" headlines would be worth it.

"We initially chose the name 'Be' because it was simple, elegant and easy to remember," says Be, Inc. CEO Jean-Louis Gassée. "However, you can only see your name used inanely in article headlines so many times before it starts to get to you."

According to sources inside the company, the leading candidate for the new company name is "Rjgty.com".

"True, it is difficult to pronounce, but it is unique, and you'll never see any editors trying to create clever headlines out of it," explained our source.

Along with many instances of "To Be or Not to Be", past articles attempting to make clever use of the "Be" name include:

"Opera has a Be-in"
"Be Bop"
"BeOS Shows What It Can Be"
"Just Be"
"A Be-Hive of Activity"
"Struggling to Be"
"The way it should Be"
"Meant to Be?"
"Be: All That It Can Be"
"Is This OS to Be?"
"The Buzz About Be"
"Stand Up and Be Counted"
"From the BEginning"


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