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21 December, 1999 11.10am pst | Chocolate Edition
Next BeOS Internet Appliance Partner?

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Following announcements that Be, Inc. would be working with Compaq and Qubit to create Internet Appliance devices, many have been speculating which company Be would partner with next. One Las Vegas analyst claims the answer is obvious.

"It's all about patterns," said craps player turned daytrader Harry Slotkin. "Once you know the pattern, you can develop a system, and once you have a system you can beat the house odds."

Slotkin claims Be's recent announcements form an obvious patter around the letter "Q".

"First, they announce Compaq, which ends with a 'q', then the next day they announce Qubit, which begins with a 'q' - one of the most uncommonly used letters in the alphabet," explains Slotkin. "What do they think we are, freakin' blind?"

Slotkin claims the next company to partner with Be will obviously start with a "T", the last letter in Qubit.

"It's almost too easy. With such a major portion of the work out of the way, I expect to complete work on my new system soon," Slotkin said.

The rest of Slotkin's system will be based on analyzing the numerological values of the letters in the company names, the cities they are based in, whether their CEOs wear boxers or briefs, the weather patterns in Rochester, NY on the days of the announcements and a variety of planetary alignments he would not disclose.

"I believe in due diligence," Slotkin added.


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