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2 December, 1999 3.14pm pst | Cheeky Edition
BeOS Opera Changes
BeOS technical report

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Many rumors came out of Comdex regarding the BeOS version of the Opera web browser. Be Dope reporters have learned that Be engineers are hard at work customizing it to be "more accessable" the the common web surfer. Read on for details.

"Working with focus groups we've identified several issues that act as a barrier to the casual potential Opera user," said a source inside Be. "The tendency of Opera to present most content in Italian or German is definitely the number one issue."

Opera will sometimes add pointy hats when rendering images of people. Another issue is Opera's seemingly endless fascination with tragic topics. So far, 24 cases of glassware have been shattered in beta testing due to Opera delivering audio in extremely high pitches. Despite these technical hurdles, Be engineers remain optimistic.

"I believe Warner Brothers cartoons offer proof that Opera can be presented in entertaining, unusual and undeniably popular ways," our source added.


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