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15 November, 1999 3.33pm pst | Cactus Edition
Comdex Report: Slot Machines, dot.coms Cause Confusion
Comdex: Confusion in the Desert

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Be Dope's agents are swarming throughout Las Vegas for Comdex, the annual fall classic where the booths are big and the babes are hired guns. While waiting for for announcements from the Be, Inc. booth they noticed an interesting phenomenom: gamblers and tech investors alike were confusing games of chance with dot.com companies.

Morrie Schumway, a retired shoe salseman from Hathaway NJ, was lured onto the Comdex show floor by the flashing lights, ringing bells and scantily clad booth babes offering trinkets. He ended up buying 500 shares of stock in a "robust infrastructure internet startup company". He walked away a big winner as the stock rose 23.75% for the day.

Another lifelong gambler finally hit it big when his previous ineffective "system" for predicting roulette wheel behavior ended up working perfectly when applied to internet pornography startups.

Meanwhile, more than one investor was seen feeding his credit card into a video poker machine, believing it to be a new sort of gambling internet appliance.

Officials from both the Las Vegas Gambling Association and Comdex took note, and plan a tighter integration of the two activities next year. Possible plans include slot machines placed directly into exhibitors' booths and special Nasdaq-themed roulette wheels.

Stay tuned for more Comdex coverage throughout the week!


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