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11 November, 1999 12.15pm pst | Improv Edition
JLG Joins Cast of ABC Sitcom
JLG meets ABC

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) ABC announced earlier today that Be, Inc. CEO Jean-Louis Gassée will join the cast of the prime time hit, "Dharma & Greg". Dharma & Greg co-creator and excecutive producer Chuck Lorre was inspired to sign Gassée after seeing his interview on CNN.

"Rarely have I seen a CEO with such wit and comic timing," Lorre exclaimed. "I was on the phone within minutes of seeing the CNN interview."

Gassée will for the most part play himself in the San Francisco-set show, as "Dharma & Greg's wacky eccentric Frenchman neighbor who is always trying to stay one step ahead of Microsoft's dastardly schemes."

Lorre is also excited about promoting BeOS via various storylines.

"BeOS has the solution to the Weltschmerz delimma suffered by most computer users," Lorre explained. "It's practically a public service to get the word out."

Future episodes have Gassée and Dharma teaming up in an attempt to teach Yoga to Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, in an effort to help him "chill out already".


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