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9 November, 1999 10.38am pst | SnowGlobe Edition
New BeOS Slower, Less Stable?
Java for BeOS

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) News of the recent Be-Sun alliance to bring Java to BeOS has raised an important question in the community: will the new version of BeOS become slower and less stable in order to preserve "true cross-platform Java" ?

"I'm really torn by the news of Java for BeOS," said one longtime Be user. "On the one hand, it will be great to instantly have access to thousands of Java applications and visit websites that require Java. On the other hand, I'm worried about the increased OS crashes that true compatibility would bring."

Rumors that Be engineers are refusing to integrate Java's instability into the BeOS version are causing much unrest throughout the Java community.

"Users do not want to use some sort of mythical 'non-crashing' Java on BeOS and then go back to another platform and experience Java and system crashes while running the same applications," said Dwight Deugo, editor-in-chief of Java Report. "This is not identical end user experience. This is not true cross-platform compatibility."

Industry observers note that Be has been known for breaking past industry standards by speeding up new releases while at the same time adding features and releasing remarkably non-beta code to the public.


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