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27 October, 1999 11.33am pdt | Handcuffs Edition
BeOS "Trash TV" Easter Egg Discovered
Trash TV

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Be Dope Labs late yesterday discovered a previously undocumented BeOS feature or "Easter Egg". Dubbed the "Trash TV Easter Egg" it turns your ordinary Trash bin into an animated iconized version of your favorite (or most hated) tv talk show host. Read on for details of this hack.

"By precisely lining up the "Trash" and "TV" icons in the exact center of the left sixteenth quarter of the screen while playing an mp3 file of a chair being smashed over someone's head we were able to access hidden trash options," said Dr. Doxie, Be Dope chief technology officer.

"These options allow users to replace the regular trash icon with the image of a television talk show host. The choices include Jerry Springer, Jenny Jones, Ricki Lake and Sally Jessy Raphael," explained Doxie.

Test subjects found it highly entertaining to shove trash into the mouths of famous talk show hosts, with Springer and Lake being the favorites.

Once unleashed the easter egg has other implications. At times, the icons will animate and dramatically announce titles of upcoming shows ( "Don't Stare, I'm Still Human!", "Send My Man To Husband School!", "Men who Molest Ferrets and the Women Who Love Them. And then Kill Them.")


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