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25 October, 1999 2.46pm pdt | Oregano Edition
Be Logo Traced To Ancient Civilization
Temple of BeOS

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) New evidence suggests the "new" BeOS logo may in fact have ancient origins. While exploring in a remote, undisclosed location, a group of archaeologists came across what they described as a "temple centered around something that looks very much like the current Be, Inc. logo."

As seen in this actual artit's recreation of the scene, the Be logo hovers in mid-air within a simple outdoor temple.

"Besides finding the Be logo floating around in the forest, many other things are remarkable," said the project lead scientist (name witheld at request). "The near-perfect condition of the temple and the anti-gravity technology come to mind."

The expedition was focused on tracing fragments of information about a legendary tribe who allegedly inhabited the area over 600 years ago.

"According to legends, these people had a better standard of living, produced superior tools and artwork and were unsurpassed in the area of art, music and storytelling," our source explained. "In fact, it was chiefly through songs that have survived through the ages that led us to this current discovery."

The legends speak of a people who did more with the same material available to other tribes and who delighted in experimenting with new inventions. Plus, they liked to drop things off cliffs for relaxation.

Finding the Be logo "connected a lot of dots" for the scientists.

The location remains secret as teams of government scientists investigate and classify the information.

One mystery that remains is what happened to these people.

"According to records found in the temple, the tribe was working towards what we would call a 'breakthough' of 'revolutionary' proportions. It shows them all preparing for a trip, but after that the record abruptly ends and any further traces of their existence have yet to be found. It's as if they vanished in an instant," our source explained with a lot of hand-waving.

The temple images will be preserved in the backgrounds section of the Be Dope Media Center


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