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21 October, 1999 5.42pm pdt | Tofu Edition
Application Leak Shuts Down California Highway

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Highway 101 was shut down for several hours today when a tractor-trailer truck transporting 74 cases of the demo program BeBounce to the Be, Inc. campus developed a leak, causing almost its entire cargo to spill out onto the road. It took the California Highway Patrol over three hours to return traffic conditions to normal.

"Imagine ten thousand Superballs(tm) dropped onto the road and bouncing like mad," said officer Robin Weslex. "That's the sort of situation we had to deal with."

BeBounce is a simple demo program designed to show off the power of BMessaging, as a ball bounces from one instance of the program to another if lined up properly.

"That was our main problem since the balls quickly adapted their behavior to treat cars as application windows, making them much harder to catch," explained Weslex.

Fortunately the incident did not take place during the hour and half of the day where traffic moves at over five miles per hour, and no injuries were reported.

Residents were reminded of the related incident last week, when a truck transporting copies of demo program 3dsound crashed and everyone within a five mile radius was subjected to an endless loop of various sound effects and random dialogue snippets from South Park until a Be engineer could be called in to program in an emergency "pause" function.


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