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14 October, 1999 4.58pm pdt | Elk Edition
CodyCam Captures More Interesting Pictures

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Studies released today reveal that people using CodyCam to capture and deliver pictures to the Internet end up with pictures that are on average 82% more interesting than pictures captured with other computer camera devices. The study defines "interesting" as "containing more nakedness, embarrassing moments or a combination thereof".

After checking with its sources inside Be, Be Dope reporters discovered CodyCam was not the simple picture-capturing-ftping program it appears to be.

"While the CodyCam preferences specify you may capture pictures every minute, five minutes, ten minutes, etc., those numbers are just an approximation," emailed a Be engineer on condition of anonymity. "There is actually a fair amount of artificial intelligence built into the application. CodyCam will hold off taking a picture for a bit or snap one early if certain conditions are met by its advanced pattern recognition and AI capabilities."

Webmasters praise the revelation.

"Better pictures equals better content - that's enough to make me switch to BeOS," said one.

The engineer would not reveal the exact "conditions" alluded to in the description, only revealing that they reflect the sense of humor held by many Be employees.

"But you'll know them when you see them," he added.


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