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29 September, 1999 10.31pm pdt
Dell Renames Gigabuys.com To Terabuys.com
That should read Terabuys.com, thanks to BeOS

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Dell Computer yesterday the renaming of their online superstore from "Gigabuys.com" to "Terabuys.com". According to sources close to Dell, the move came after sales of BeOS exceeded expectations and soon made the "Giga" designation a misnomer.

"Dell is nothing if not a stickler for accuracy," said the source. "When he chose 'giga' he thought he had a name that would stick for quite a while."

Dell's theory was disproved soon after they started offering BeOS and the BeOS/BeOS Bible Bundle for sale at Gigabuys.com.

"Next thing we know we have the sales guys acting all nervous because we've passed the 'giga' mark and no one wants to be the one to tell Dell. Well he was upset at first until he realized what the sales meant to the bottom line. After that he told us we could name the thing 'Shitloadofbuys.com' for all he cared. Ah, we decided against that one."

Terabuys.com will limit the sales of BeOS in the future, in order to prevent another immediate name change.


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