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10 September, 1999 4.03pm pdt
Exclusive Movie Reveals BeOS PFT

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Be Dope reporters have obtained top-secret movies and documents detailing the plans for a new personal digital assistant in the works by Be, Inc. The "BeOS Personal Floating Thingy" (PFT) is a generation beyond existing PDA devices not only because it runs BeOS, but also because it floats alongside you wherever you go, responding to voice commands and allowing totally hands-free operation.

"While it used to be considered 'cool' by certain geek sectors of the computer market to have a half dozen electronic devices hanging from your belt, more and more users are waking up to this simple fact: chicks don't dig it," writes Be VP of Internet Appliances Lamar Potts in the specifications.

As seen in this exclusive footage (1 MB), the PFT is designed to recharge in a special docking station when not in use or performing automated scheduled tasks.

Free from the size and weight contraints of other devices that must be carried about in a shirt pocket, the PFT includes features such as a video camera, microphone, surround sound, searchlight, motion detector, laser beam and color screen for video playback.

The softball-sized device also features a wireless Internet connection and several solar panels that allow for extended operation even while away from the docking station for long periods of time.

The specifications target initial markets such as "NASA, the digerati, nuditst, college students, and people who don't like pockets."


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