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7 September, 1999 4.42pm pdt
Long Lost Logos Reunited
separated at birth!

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Confirming rumors that have been circulating in the press for weeks, doctors reported today that DNA tests proved that the BeOS logo and Time Warner Cable logo were indeed separated at birth. Both logos were initially shocked last week when they met for the first time in an upscale Menlo Park eatery.

A reporter who happened to be on the scene described the meeting.

"Upon seeing each other stylistic eyeball to stylistic eyeball, the logos froze in their tracks," wrote Alex Kuczynski in The New York Times. "They moved slowly around each other, dreamlike, not able to believe the mirror image come to life before them."

After discovering a similiar past (both logos were adopted and presumed orphans, no known record of siblings exist) the two logos immediately submitted to DNA testing to determine their true relationship. The tests concluded the two were fraternal twins with 99.999998% certainty.

Today's revelation is cited as further proof that it is nature, more than nuture, that determines many life events.

"Here we have two logos, separated at birth and raised thousands of miles apart in vastly different environments," explained Dr. Jodie Stanza, Director of Research at the Center for Genetic Studies. "Yet both logos end up associated with companies dealing with media and media delivery, as if drawn there by an unknown force."

The amazing story of their reunion will be the subject of an upcoming TNT Original Movie. Tom Hanks is slated for the role of the BeOS logo.

Company officials declined to comment on the subject of the original meeting.


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