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27 August, 1999 2.28pm pdt
Be Weaponry For Sale
death by melon

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) A piece of Be history is up for sale today, as Be's Dominic Giampaolo announced the auction of his homemade Trebuchet (Medieval Siege Engine). The device is best known for its role in the defense of the Be, Inc. campus from Microsoft invaders in March 1998.

Industry analysts are scrambling to ponder the ramifications.

"Dominic is pretty shrewd and a I'm sure he would not be selling the trebuchet if he did not have another, perhaps larger and multi-threaded trebuchet, ready to deploy in its place," said Robert Cringely. "I envision this device would be capable of flinging a Microsoft attorney directly into a rapidly decaying orbit."

The trebuchet silhouetted against the night sky atop the main Be building was a reassuring site to Be employees for several months in early 1998, a time when Microsoft agents were particularly agressive in their attention towards Be.

"This trebuchet is not only a piece of computing history, but a timeless symbol of hope to all those who have ever faced opression from tyranny," said Smithsonian Institution secretary Michael Heyman, who plans to bid on the trebuchet. "Plus I bet it can fling my neighbor's pain-in-the-ass barking poodle a good 200 feet."

Those interested in owning this piece of Be history that easily doubles as a home security system or party conversation piece may learn more and place your bids at eBay.


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