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10 August, 1999 10.50am pdt
BeOS: Based On Alien Technology?
Mysterious BeOS Crop Circle

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Supporters of the "BeOS is based on stolen alien technology" theory cited the sudden appearance of a new crop circle formation in southeast England as new evidence for their claims. As seen in the photo above, the mysterious crop circle bears a strong likeness to Be's new logo.

"Finally it all comes together," said James Devon, lead proponent of the "alien technology" theory. "No one could figure out exactly what the new logo was, but now we know it for what it is: a strange alien symbol of some kind."

Unlike erroneous reports that BeOS is built on a UNIX/Linux/Atari core, which are based on ignorance, reports that BeOS is built on stolen alien technology are often backed up by facts related to it's other-worldly speed, stability and clean design.

While Devon is citing the crop circles as final proof, others are not jumping to the same conclusions.

"It's possible that an alien race that has adopted BeOS is simply sending a message of thanks, or endorsing BeOS," said industry analyst Robert X. Cringely. "Or perhaps Be is experimenting with a new type of organic marketing for their 'Be Everywhere' advertising campaign."

The owner of the farm has reportedly cashed in on the publicity by becoming a BeOS reseller and distributing BeOS demo CDs.

Known to locals as "Farmer Ted", the tenth-generation farmer began using BeOS to manage all aspects of his farm, from finances to fertilizer distribution, in 1997. He credits the improved efficiency for the 37% increase in profits.

"Perhaps this is just the crops' way of thanking me," Farmer Ted added.


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