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2 August, 1999 4.55pm pdt
Be, Inc. Company Perks

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Following a Wired news story detailing workplace perks of several Silicon Valley companies, Be Dope asked Be, Inc. employees about their favorite perks within the Be campus. The results, as you might imagine, were quite interesting.

"We value our employees, and these little perks are just a few ways that we tell them this everyday," said Be, Inc. CEO Jean-Louis Gassée.

The most popular perks cited by Be employees are:

  • Disco room with fog machine
  • Unlimited French colloquialisms
  • Shuttle bus to the free clinic
  • On-site high school style cafeteria (Wednesday is Beefaroni day)
  • Free windshield wiper fluid
  • Undocumented CodyCam locations
  • Chair showers
  • Primal Scream Day
  • Daily review of Star Wars: Episode II script drafts
  • Secret tunnel to center of earth
  • "Rapid Tshirt Deployment Station" delivers clothing that is fashionable, and up-to-the-minute timely.
  • Macintosh SE at every workstation
  • Hermit crab racing
  • Dentist on staff performs surprise teeth cleanings in QA lab
  • Free "Conversational Binary" workshops
  • Commando barber and hair stylist on site
  • Flextime: work whichever twenty hours of the day you prefer
  • Free "roof disposal" of unwanted objects.
  • Friday is nude programming day.

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