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14 July, 1999 4.05pm pdt
Be Dope Media Center Updated

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) New backgrounds, new icons, new buttons, a new ad from the creator of User Friendly, a new cover of virtual (void) and more awaits you in the Be Dope Media Center. Been longing for a background using the new Be logo? The wait is over. Stop in, download and spread the word.

Not to be missed is the new cover of virtual (void) by The Cotton Squares. If you've never heard the original, take a look into the optional/sound/ folder on your BeOS CD.

Many thanks to Illiad for creating a User Friendly based BeOS ad. Print this out and hang it on your wall.

Give back to the Be community by turning your creative genius towards creating a piece of art, background image, song, button, poem or whatever that celebrates BeOS. Send it to media@bedope.com. Gain instead worldwide fame. Not a bad deal.


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