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13 July, 1999 9.52am pdt
Be Dope, Google Announce Strategic Partnership

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) At a joint press conference this morning, representatives from Be Dope and Google, the much-praised and infamously "beta" search engine, announced they're teaming up to deliver even more relevant and informative search results.

"Be Dope is such a font of accurate information that it makes sense to match search terms against their site first before going on to the rest of the Internet," said Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

Indeed, a quick look at Be Dope's archive of several hundred stories reveals not only in-depth coverage of Be and BeOS, but of such diverse topics as quantum physics and the teletubbies.

"When hiring reporters for Be Dope we not only look for BeOS expertise," explained Be Dope's recruiter, "we also look for diverse interests that will extend our knowledge base and lead us to stories no one else can find, or even understand in some cases."

While both companies stand to benefit from the arrangement, Google feels those who benefit most are the users.

"Yes, Be Dope will receive some more visitors and yes, Google will add to its reputation of using revolutionary search methods to achieve superior search results," said Brin. "But ultimately, it is the users who find what they are looking for with the least amount of hassle who benefit the most."

Google takes its name from the expression 10^100 (googol - a gigantic number), which is the amount of dollars they expect to raise in venture capital by keeping their business plan a mysterious secret.


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