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9 July, 1999 12.45pm pdt
Amiga Pres Adopts BeOS; Cancels AmigaOS
adios, amiga

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) After days of controversy and confusion where reports surfaced of the new Amiga operating environment being based first on QNX and then Linux, Amiga Presidnet Jim Collas posted a final letter to the Amiga community today. The following is quoted from the Amiga website:

    "Dear Amigans,

    I thank you for bearing with us during these confusing times. Although just yesterday I announced our intention to use Linux as the primary OS kernel for the new Amiga operating environment since a year of working with QNX failed to generate the necessary media hype to keep a project like this afloat, further research has led to a decision I believe will put Amigans at the forefront of technology, for sure this time.

    Despite the fact that we had looked at BeOS in the past and decided against it (the advantages were so numerous, we were sure there had to be a catch somewhere), late last night our team came across an undocumented feature that solves all our problems. It seems there is an AmigaOS-style interface already built into BeOS! A few keypresses and mouseclicks and those BeOS windows became familiar AmigaOS windows. I felt bliss as I experienced the speed and stability of BeOS with the Amiga look. A quick check of the Be website revealed that an Amiga emulator for BeOS was also available.

    An emergency meeting of our top engineers and executives ended in this consensus: good enough. Everyone was in high spirits at the end of the meeting as we finally felt a sense of closure and new possibilities, as we are now free to explore other projects or just spend more time with our families.

    We're sure that the revolutionary design of BeOS and the respect Be, Inc. CEO Jean-Louis Gassée has for the Amiga faitful will be a winning combination for Amigans everywhere. Thanks for all your support throughout the years, and I wish you well in the future.

    Jim Collas
    (former)President, Amiga

The above letter is copyright 1999 Amiga and reproduced with permission



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