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28 May, 1999 4.10pm pdt
4d Mixer Pulled From Genki

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) While the above-pictured app tentatively named "3d Mixer" is slated to be included in the upcoming Genki release, a controversial application known as 4d Mixer which evolved from 3d Mixer technologies has been pulled from the CD. According to sources close to Be, Inc., 4d Mixer was removed out of concern for the "safety of this Universe as we know it".

3d Mixer is a sound editor and 3D audio mixer that allows real-time 3D creation, manipulation and recording of multiple audio tracks. 4d Mixer is a quantum matter/energy editor that allows real-time manipulation of sub-atomic particles through both space and time.

"Really, I don't see what's so complicated about it," said Be engineer Benoît Schillings, creator of both programs.

Soon after the release of the latest Genki beta, several bug reports were filed citing "improper use of 4d Mixer causes rifts in the fabric of space-time that left unchecked may lead to the implosion of the universe".

Be developer and Cambridge physicist Stephen Hawking contacted Schillings with his concerns. After agreeing to restrict 4d Mixer's use to Hawking and himself, Schillings worked with Hawking to repair the damage to space-time, by altering reality so that 4d Mixer never shipped on the beta CDs, effectively preventing it from existing for anyone outside of Be except Hawking, who will use the app in his future experiments.

Be feels 3d Mixer will be more than enough to keep BeOS users happy and busy until a 4d Mixer Lite (that would perhaps limit the range of subatomic particles available to work with and place restrictions on time manipulation) can be developed.


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