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10 May, 1999 4.52pm pdt
New "Geeklights" Scheme Unveiled

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Along with the many improvements coming in BeOS R4.5 (Genki) is the ability to replace the famed "geeklights" of the original BeBox with streetlights.

"The two rows of pulsating LEDs along the front of the original BeBox are perhaps the most-missed feature of the famed machine," said Be, Inc. CEO Jean-Louis Gassée. "Early testing shows replacing them with actual streetlights will prove popular with our customers."

Here's how it works: The BeOS will analyze the signal going into its power supply, examing it for telltale signs that show exactly where the source is on a given power grid. Comparing the results with an internal database of city streets, the BeOS will then tap into the local power comapany's control center and pulse the streetlights outside the home or office where the machine running the BeOS is located. In the case of dual processors, streetlights on both sides of the street will be used.

"This is fantastic," said one beta tester. "It's never been easier to monitor my CPU usage."

Residents adjacent to beta testers have commented how the constantly blinking lights give the neighborhood a "homey, Las Vegas feel".


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