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7 May, 1999 8.30am pdt
Be Dope Redesigns Site BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) - In response to reduced attention spans of the average web surfer, Be Dope has redesigned its site in a desperate attempt to gain new readers.

"While our superior content has always been sufficient to attract the discerning readers, market research showed this was less than three percent of people online," Be Dope officials said. "The remaining 97% of individuals who respond to eye-candy and slick graphics represent a vast untapped potential market."

Regular readers will still find the stories, interviews, books and media they have come to enjoy despite the new design.

"We will not pander to the lowest common denomintor, but hopefully we can confuse them into staying around for a while," added Be Dope officials.

An improved backend that will ease the task of site management is expected to be of "little to no interest" to anyone.


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