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Abacus World ExpoTranscript of Be Dope Abacus World Expo Presentation

Event: Abacus World Expo hosted by After Y2K!
Speaker: Mike Popovic
Date: October 8

Thanks to all fifty or so who attended my talk at AWE, and to Nitrozac and the After Y2K! folks for inviting me to speak at such a historic event. The transcript follows. Note that I took the time to clean it up a bit - fix some typos, delete off topic conversations and move some answers closer to some questions so it is a bit easier to follow. If you really want the raw IRC log, here it is, including about 20 minutes of pre-event nonsense (note: if you're using BeOS, open the raw log in StyledEdit and the colors and font formatting used by my IRC client are preserved. Helps make it a bit more readable).

It was a bit hectic and it looks like I missed a few questions - sorry about that! Email me if you have any questions about the transcript!

* BeDope clears his throat and has a sip of water

* ZooKeeper does a drum roll

[BeDope] BeOS Abacus: The Power of Pervasive Multi-Beading

* makhomenos wears his "BeAbacus Rules!" shirt

* jetpack sips his beer

[BeDope] Tonight we're talking about BeOS Abacus.

[BeDope] This presentation will be short, because otherwise I know you'll get bored and wander off looking for the Techno-Talking Babes and/or Hemos,
[BeDope] depending on your sexual preference today.

* leonardr throws a paper airplane

[BeDope] Plus, I'd really like to get back to my tent. ;)

[Flax] haha

[BeDope] As a bonus to those that hang around, Nitrozac will be signing tshirts and body parts of her choosingafter the show.

[prisoner] woo-woo!

[Zilo] her choosing?

[ZooKeeper] our body parts or hers?

[Snaggy] can she sign my tent?

[BeDope] During the talk I'll announce some URLs where you can view slides,

[BeDope] because after word spread of me giving this talk, thirty-seven hundred out of work former marketing assistants converged on my office begging to help out.

[Nitrozac] I better get my tattoo pen

[makhomenos] Oh yeah, Geeks with Guns after the speech everyone. We'll be shooting up old useless WinNT boxes, as opposed to the new, useless WinNT boxes of last year.

[BeDope] Moving right along:

[BeDope] [view slide: http://www.bedope.com/events/awe/introslide.gif]

[BeDope] BeOS Abacus: The Media Abacus for broadband digital wireless e-commerce set-top convergence gaming kitchen internet appliances.

[BeDope] (Not based on Linux, UNIX, IRIX, CP/M, DOS, Windows, Macintosh or Amiga Abacuses).

[BeDope] The first question is: why another abacus?

[BeDope] With BeadDoze 2000 being widely adopted by clueless managers and healthy alternatives in the MacAbacus, Linacus and Slashdot abacus,

[BeDope] are we insane to enter the market with a totally new abacus?

* jetpack is wondering where BeDope git the powerpoint port for his abacus

[BeDope] Although we may be insane, it's not because of BeOS Abacus.

[teleny] /msg jetpack It's the Open Source Abapoint.

[BeDope] [view slide: http://www.bedope.com/events/awe/happytogether.gif]

[BeDope] We think people are ready for BeOS Abacus.

[BeDope] It is the only abacus with beads designed from the ground up to handle broadband media applications.

[BeDope] It doesn't de-string every few hours like BeadDoze 2000.

[BeDope] It doesn't smell as funny as the Slashdot abacus.

[Zilo] heh

[greycat] does it have that new abacus smell?

[Nitrozac] smell funny LOL!

[BeDope] it actually smells like brie cheese ;)

[prisoner] kewl!

[BeDope] Plus, it does not have to replace your current abacus, rather in can install alongside in peaceful coexistence.

[jetpack] you askin fer a religious war, buddy? them's fightin words! :)

[Idefix] MMMmmmmmm..........

[Nitrozac] does it come in Lavendar scent?

[BeDope] jsut for you Nitro

[makhomenos] Sandalwood?

[teleny] Knowing Gassee, he'd make it smell like....mmm

[erics] hmm slashdot smells funny. I figured as much

[BeDope] Use the included "Velcro Magic" kit to install BeOS alongside your current abacus in seconds.

[BeDope] Use BeadDoze 2000 when your boss insists, then simply flip it over and start using BeOS Abacus in seconds.

[greycat] dual-bead abacuses are cool

[BeDope] So what makes BeOS Abacus so special?

[BeDope] [view slide: http://www.bedope.com/events/awe/beads.gif]

[BeDope] Part of the advantage offered by BeOS Abacus comes from the unique approach to bead design.

[Electroly] greycat: no way; Quad PentiuBead IIIs

[BeDope] We didn't simply copy beads used in the past for doing simple calculations.

* makhomenos raises his hand

[BeDope] Rather, we designed beads from the ground up to handle the increased load forced on the abacus by today's demanding post-Y2K geek.

[greycat] electroly: I was referring to abacus operating systems, not number of bead-boards

[Presence] oooOOoooh, polychromatic alloy beads? wow.

[chromatic] There is only one chromatic. Give it up.

[BeDope] First, we rejected such materials as wood, glass and plastic.

[Electroly] greycat: ah

[BeDope] yes, Makhomenos?

[BSwitkin] I'm running the daily build on a BeOS abacus.

[makhomenos] Are the specifications of the polychromatic alloy open-sourced?

* chromatic sobs.

[chromatic] I'm a person, not an alloy!

[BeDope] No, be we do offer many sample beads :)

[BeDope] Rather, we designed a custom carbon-osmium-neon alloy that would not crack under high pressure, yet feel comfortable to the touch.

[BSwitkin] I forgot to set my bead acceleration in the preferences panel though.

[makhomenos] Oooh! (collects sample beads for analysis at the Abacus General Store)

[Ghost] you did make sure they aren't water soluble, right?

[BeDope] Second, we studied octopi and chameleons for days to capture their secret of color changing and integrate it into our custom alloy.

[greycat] makh: let's reverse engineer the polychromatic alloy!

[BeDope] ghost : of course :)

[BeDope] Every bead in BeOS Abacus is capable of at least 16 million colors (on most days).

[jetpack] when is BeAb gonna have drivers for my bongos? lack of sound support is really starting to piss me off!

[chromatic] (Jesse Berst wasn't available for the color changing study)

[BeDope] Each bead also produces a unique tone when vibrated - allowing for a richer multimedia experience.

[Snaggy] shake it, sounds great!

[BeDope] Third, a variable friction factor allows beads to accelerate and decelerate at a rapid pace, allowing for faster overall bead movement.

[makhomenos] greycat: I understand that violating patents is now a capital punishment under the MS Washington State 2.0 criminal code

[Presence] I'm wondering... beos could handle such huge file and filesystem sizes.. has that influenced be-Abacus in any way?

[BeDope] presence: yes, thanks to pervasive multi-beading

[BeDope] Fourth, each bead is capable of predictive bio-feedback, allowing them to move in the direction the users wishes before they actually apply pressure.

[cycnus] what is abacus?? software or hardware

[greycat] makh: BeDope didn't say it was patented, did he?

[BeDope] [view slide: http://www.bedope.com/events/awe/pmb.gif]

[BeDope] Pervasive multi-beading is the heart of BeOS Abacus

[greycat] cycnus: both!

[jetpack] i heard the beading on the BeAb wasn't preemptive ...

[Ghost] Under the MS Washington State code all patents belong to MS...

[BeDope] a vicious rumor jetpack :)

[BeDope] Every bead is capable of splitting up tasks into myriad of smaller beads,

[Flax] what about symmetric multi-beading? does it have that?

[jetpack] :)

[BeDope] which are then dynamically allocated, based on abacus load.

[BeDope] This also allows efficient sharing of tasks between multiple abacuses (symmetric mult-stringing).

[greycat] abacus clustering!

[BeDope] And as we all say in today's After Y2K!, BeOS Abacus is a "Swiss-Army Chainsaw" when it comes to multi-tasking.

[BeDope] In conclusion, i invite you to give BeOS Abacus a try. Although designed by a Frenchman it is surprisingly non-snooty.

[greycat] Beowulf Abacus cluster!

[BeDope] Thank you all for attending and listening. The floor is now open to questions and discussion.

* chromatic raises his hand.

[BeDope] yes, crhomatic

[Pyr] wow, I wonder if you could make a beowulf cluster out of those!

[makhomenos] greycat: already done, you should see our Beowulf Abacus..................128 abaci strung together..........for massive computing power. The major problem is power drain.

[Nitrozac] BeDope that was AWE-some!

[chromatic] You mentioned "Swiss-Army-Chainsaw"... does that mean the BeOS Abacus runs Perl bytecode natively?

[BeDope] chromatic: yes, we had a team of bead engineers handle that

[Electroly] I have a question. Does the BeOS Abacus use the R4.5 networking stack or a prototype of Dano networking?

[ZooKeeper] Why did you choose osmium?

[BeDope] zoo: its unique heavy metal properties and current use in fine pen nibs

[greycat] makh: heat dissipation isn't an issue any more?

[makhomenos] We had to clone the night manager (a cat named GIzmo) thousands of times to run it.

[makhomenos] No, but you should see our cat food and litter bills. They're monsterous.

[Electroly] Can it handle IP packets over beads?

[BeDope] electroly: we grabbed the prototype network stack from the server just before new year's eve

[BeDope] ele: so yes

[Presence] ooh, yeah, how does the beAbacus network with other non-Be abacuses?

[BeDope] pre: we recognize other bead formats

[Presence] wow... I gotta try that then.

[jetpack] when are you guys gonna support ab_python? I want to be able to group my beads acording to class

[BeDope] jet: we have a port of that

[mtm] What about Java beads?

[BeDope] we used all the Java beads to make coffee

[BeDope] so we're out of luck there

* chromatic raises another hand (I borrowed extra for the presentation)

[BeDope] yes chro

[chromatic] I have heard rumors that BeOS Abacus is constructed from the ground up with modern Bead-Oriented Programming principles. Is this true? Is everything a bead?

[chromatic] Including the strings?

[BeDope] chromatic: everything is a bead until the superstring level, at which point everything is a vibrating string

[Electroly] What binary format does the Be Abacus use? Binary beads?

[jetpack] BeDope: well, that about all java beens are good for. ... *ahem*

[ZooKeeper] Are you looking for OEMs to distribute this abacus?

[BeDope] zoo: yes we are seeking a network of OEM wagon trains

[Electroly] Can I cross-compile to my Be Abacus?

[BeDope] ele: yes you can

* teleny raises hand.

[BeDope] tele?

[teleny] Is the Be Abacus the Western (decimal) system, or the traditional asian (fives and units) style?

[BeDope] tele: we actually adopted a system based on the Russian abacus

[greycat] BeDope: is it big-beadian or little-beadian?

[teleny] Oh, so it's decimal, then. Thank you

[BeDope] grey: natively supports both ;)

[Nitrozac] Can I connect my BeOS Abacus to my MacAbacus?

[BSwitkin] Only older models of MacAbacuses.

[Snaggy] The new new Be looks great, but will it get me the chicks, ... like the old BeOS did?

[BeDope] snaggy: did you not see today's cartoon?

[makhomenos] Snaggy: you should ask roblimo

[jetpack] how many beads wide is te new BeAb bus? I was really frustrated with the old DMA string method

[Ghost] How do you keep the superstrings from crashing and becoming a singularity?

[BeDope] ghost: that is an internal secret ;)

[Presence] I hate to be the one to ask.. but how much per abacus, in post-apolyptic canadian funds?

[Snaggy] What's the tent admin really like?

[BeDope] jet: 2046 by default but expandable

[BSwitkin] Yeah, Mike got the good photo AND the babe.

* greycat looks around for the camp admin

[BeDope] whew, did i miss any questions?

[Electroly] How many million beads per second can the Be Abacus handle?

[BeDope] ele: we haven't been able to find a limit

* chromatic raises his hand.

* makhomenos raises his hand

[Theophilous_Bolt] As a rule, I mistrust handsome geeks. They are obviously government plants...

[BeDope] chro first

* chromatic lowers the tentacle and raises a real hand.

[jetpack] BeDope: sound cool, but will I finally be able to interlock mult-ab clusters in a cube with it locking up? i want 3-D

[leonardr] I'm experiencing a sort of bead jitter. Will this be fixed in BeadOS 4.5.3?

[chromatic] Are there bead bindings for non- bead-oriented languages, such as C? I don't know Bead yet.

[Electroly] ooooooooh

[Electroly] aaaaahhhh

* Presence raises his hand

[BeDope] leonard: we have a special leonard patch just for you

[jetpack] lol

[leonardr] woohoo!

[hesh] will bead oil be given out for free?

[BeDope] chro: several other languages have been ported

[makhomenos] chromatic: we're working on that at Abacus General Store actually...........both C and C--

[Ghost] Handsome geeks government plants? Good the plan is working.

[BeDope] presence?

[Presence] I hate to be the one to ask.. but how much per abacus, in post-apolyptic canadian funds?

[BeDope] presence: i'll have to consult with sales and marketing and get back to you on that one

* Presence nods..

* makhomenos keeps his hand up :)

* prisoner wonders if a mascot for the Be Abacus has been decided upon...

[BeDope] hesh: bead oil is no longer needed with be abacus

[BeDope] mak?

[Ghost] Bead oil? That explains the smoke...

[prisoner] Theo: heh

[makhomenos] I keep hearing rumors that your company is working with Id Software on a BeAbacus port of Quake. Can you confirm or deny for us?

[BeDope] mak: i cannot comment on rumors at this time but several engineers have been rather happy lately

[Zilo] BeDope: perpetual-viscosity sealed oil?

[Snaggy] Slashdot Abacus users swear by the beads made from human teeth. Is Be planning on any human teeth models?

[BeDope] snag: we are confident in our current design

[BeDope] any other questions? :)

[Theophilous_Bolt] When is Be going to admit that their investment by Intel prevents them from porting to Apple's Bead3 or Bead4....

[BeDope] steve jobs has closed threatened us with rabid alligators if we attempt the port

* chromatic raises his boot.

[tmr_Be] BeDope: Why Dope?

[Nitrozac] BeDope who will be your new mascot?

[jetpack] i've been pretty happy with BeAb in general in the past, but it really doesnt compare to my Mac Apple for MIDI support. are you guys workin to fix that?

[mrsolo] yea what will be mascot be?

[BeDope] Nitrozac,mrsolo: a squiggle of indeterminate origin

[jetpack] mind you, moving those big apples on the twine is a bit rough on the fingers

[Snaggy] Are the rumors true? Will you be keynoting at Abs World Expo?

[BeDope] if my "Body By Jake" AbRocker comes in time it is possible

[Theophilous_Bolt] Bah. Get IBM to let loose the koro-addled crocodiles in response!

* prisoner raises his hand

[BeDope] chro, another question?

[Presence] BeDope, that was a most excelent presentation.

[BeDope] thank you presence

[cycnus] where can I get the presentation?

[BeDope] cyc: i'll get it up on be dope soon

[chromatic] What is planned for future versions of the BeOS Abacus?

[BeDope] all information on future releases will be posted on flyers throughout the realm

[makhomenos] BeDope: does this include the People's Republic of GNU and MS Washington State 2.0?

[erics] any word on the ultra-secret transmetabacus? will it be competition?

[BeDope] mak: for there we will use skywriting

[Ghost] Prisoner: do I want to?

[BeDope] erics: i look forward to the transmeta presentation at AWE along with everyone else

* makhomenos ducks as several transmetacyborgs take pot shots at erics

[greycat] bedope: skywriting? With hang gliders?

[BeDope] hangliders and balloons

[greycat] it must take a long time with the balloons

[jetpack] i heard transmeta doesnt even have the strings layout for their abacus yet, little less have a beading algorithm in place

[Inging] btw, the BeAbacus logo is just the right shape and size to grill a nice ribeye steak over!

[Snaggy] Does the tent ever smell like grilled vegetables?

[BeDope] snag: not that i notice

[erics] I hear the transmetabacus will emulate every other abacus on the market and will be given away free

[Idefix] BeDope: no zeppelins?

[BeDope] ide: not at this time. too hard to spell

[Idefix] :(

[Theophilous_Bolt] Awright. I can -almost- (sorta) buy the Big Bad Apple cop-out...er...excuse. But why not port to Alpha? Or multi-processing handhelds based around the Hitachi SH-4? What dread evil have we done to deserve intel?

* chromatic raises his hand one last time.

[Theophilous_Bolt] I mean, the alpha beads slide sooooo nice...

[Ghost] Intel owns Alpha\

[BeDope] theo: if alpha abacuses become more popular we will consider a port

* Electroly watches as the Intel Secret Service people in black suits comes and takes Theophilous_Bolt away

[BeDope] yes chro

[chromatic] Any truth to the rumors of superior bead-wulf clustering abilities?

[BeDope] i cannot comment on that at this time. but yes

[leonardr] lol

[Theophilous_Bolt] Pardon. x86, I should have said. I mean, what can -anyone- do with only 86 beads? The alpha has 21264!

[td0] why not go to other intels? in this era we need Strong ARM's

[BeDope] theo: that's where the multi beading comes in

[greycat] theo: 86 beads are adequate for some embedded abacus apps

[jetpack] BeDope: i found with the older BeAbs, if I shook them hard enough, I could usually get coffe to come out. sometimes enough for a decent cup. what was that all about?

[BeDope] jet: that was an easter egg

[chromatic] Should have been chocolate or jellybeads for Easter, I think.

[makhomenos] No, it was a cup of coffee. I saw it myself. The easter egg is when you turn it upside down and hum the theeme to Gilligan's Island.

[Theophilous_Bolt] Bah. I will take two alphas on Compaq's new Wildfire multi-abacus frame over two celery-on bead arrays...

[greycat] mmmm... jellybeads

[jetpack] haha! who was the badass that thot of that? and didn't that kinda cost you guys a lot of, well, coffee?

[prisoner] BeDope: I worry about support. There's all the PowerPC people thinking their platform is losing support, I worry if the Abacus dominates the market to the point that we lose plain ol' Intel x86 support to it.

[BeDope] we are committed to supporting beos abacus on all platforms through 2010

[prisoner] beDope: woo-woo!

* chromatic has one more question.

[jetpack] BeDope: why 2010? is that when the world is *really* gonna end? are you guys at Be not telling us something?

[BeDope] sure thing chroma

[BSwitkin] Isn't 2010 the year the last few generators give out?

[BeDope] jet: maybe

[chromatic] What is the nutritional value of a BeOS Abacus? I have been lost in the woods before, and... bugs just don't appeal to me.

[jetpack] BeDope: you *are* in league with transmeta!, I knew it!

[BeDope] use the built in berry- and root finder app to help you survive

[chromatic] Wow! Does it have a babe-finder?

* chromatic forgot to raise his hand.

[makhomenos] BeDope: is there a moose-hunting app?

* chromatic hangs his head in shame.

[BeDope] chro: did you not see today's comic?

[greycat] makh: the Linacus has a wumpus-hunting app

[BeDope] mak: no , we leave that opportunity to 3rd parties

[chromatic] I thought that was just your soul patch, BeDope.

[makhomenos] Greycat: wumpuses have tough meat though, and I keep falling into these damn holes when I hunt them.

[Nitrozac] does it work as a foot massager?

[jetpack] Nitrozac: have u used the new BeAB? and if so, what do *you* think of it?

[Theophilous_Bolt] Nitro: No, but -I- do...Bp

[Ghost] If if doesn't work as a foot massager, I will :)

* greycat serves as a foot massager for his wife upon request

[Nitrozac] Yes I have use the Be Abacus

[Nitrozac] and I have to say... I'm very impressed by it's speed

[BeDope] chro: a little of both

* chromatic strokes his goatee thoughtfully.

[Nitrozac] it's very intuitive as well

[jetpack] BeDope: so, are you getting rich of this yet? any plans for an IPO?

[teleny] makhomenos: Use the bent arrows.

* makhomenos makes note: "have wearable abacus division build an abacus

foot-massager into boots for Nitrozac

[BeDope] jet: you can read the prospectus soon

[jetpack] Nitrozac: intuitive? how so?

[Zilo] it's the Nitrozac Foot-Masseuse Army!

[Zilo] (Foot-Masseur Army?)

[bullit] cool

[greycat] zilo: masseurs

[Nitrozac] well, you don't have to shout commands at it, for one thing

[jetpack] BeDope: kewl. if I start coding some new apps for it soon, can i get a first cut on shares? :)

[Nitrozac] just the person who's holding it for you

[Nitrozac] and there are easter eggs in it!

[chromatic] Everyone with an @ is a celebrity.

[BeDope] jet: no comment at this time

[jetpack] Nitrozac: you have someone to hold it for you! damn, must be nice. have have to hold mine between my knees for proper operation :P

[Nitrozac] if you line up the beads just so, there's a secret message

[jetpack] BeDope: you want the address of my tent? lol

[td0] Nitrozac: I have seen the message!

[BeDope] jet: no, i am set thanks!

[jetpack] BeDope: well, maybe those slashdot dudes with the smelly abacus will cut me a deal

[Nitrozac] I've also had very good guidance from BeDope as to how to use the BeOS Abacus! :)

[bullit] so, 64-bit abacus:s should be out for comdex2000, right?

[jetpack] Nitrozac: oh, do tell. hope you have jpgs of it on your abacus. lol

[td0] are the beads in the BeAbs replacable?

[BeDope] td0 of course

[chromatic] ha ha

[makhomenos] :)

[Nitrozac] I'm afraid those are "trade secrets"

* chromatic has another question.

[bullit] ask it damnit

[prisoner] ...there's makhomenos who was the star of that cancelled Dreamcast launch game "Where in Kabuki-cho is Makhomenos?"

[BeDope] go ahead chro

[jetpack] and that's another thing. you just can't get got pr0n for abacuses these days.

[chromatic] Is there a native port of the GIMP to the BeOS Abacus?

[bullit] hmmm...

[Veldrane] i'm savin' for the 128b abacus

[BeDope] chro: it is in the works and will use the BeOS abacus interface

[makhomenos] prisoner: No, and my lawyer won't let me discuss that right now :/

[prisoner] mak: how's that?

[Zilo] jetpack: no, it's just like hte 4-color CGA porn of yesteryear.

[bullit] well, don't they have AbaTK+?

[makhomenos] bullit: they do in the People's Republic of GNU

[prisoner] mak: I bet.

[greycat] zilo: just leaves more to the imagination... which is a good thing

[bullit] right

[chromatic] Mmmm, Wilbead.

[Nitrozac] Wilbead choked on the beads

* chromatic sobs.

[Nitrozac] LOL

[Veldrane] I wonder if Pitr will port Erwin to an abacus?

[Theophilous_Bolt] The Bead4 is 128bit internal between the cache and the processer units. From main memoery, it's 32 for int, 64 for fpu, and a full 128 for the AltiBead...

[Theophilous_Bolt] ooops. Velocity Bead (stoopid marketroids)

[td0] Is the BeAbs able to play musical plunks III (MP3)?

[jetpack] Veldrane: he already did. erwin ain too please tho.

* chromatic needs a shoulder to cry on.

[chromatic] Poor Wilbead!

[makhomenos] [Pitr]Am needink abacus to run BSD

[bullit] Oh, i have a question for the audience. Do you feel okay with recompiling all your apps in GAC (GNU abacus comilier)?

[makhomenos] (Pitr is a Bead Standard Distribution nut)

[greycat] makh: NetBead or OpenBead or FreeBead?

[Veldrane] I thought he preferred Debeadian.

[Nitrozac] chromatic, I did a hiemlich manuever on Wilbead, he's fine

[jetpack] bullit: it's good, but dont go for the latest release. it munges beads funny and doesnt link to most standard beadlibs.

[Theophilous_Bolt] OpenBead, I'd imagine...the project lead has a name that -screams- mad scientist...

[chromatic] Debeadian is still on Bead Standard Library 1.911.

[BSwitkin] Anybody have some specific sample code they'd like for the BeOS Abacus?

[makhomenos] [Pitr]Am preferink GNU/Hurd, since GNUs good huntink and eatink.

[teleny] bullit:As a New Englander, I'm a rabid gnu supporter.

[chromatic] Slackwire just upgraded, though.

[Theophilous_Bolt] Nitro: don't encourage Wil like that....B)

[greycat] chromatic: untrue! The Debeadian unstable release (codenamed Syd) is on the latest BSL patches

[Veldrane] hmm, I've heard of research involving serial potential wells to emulate the abacus processor... *ponder*

[chromatic] Bead-]InheritColor(this);

[greycat] chromatic: I heard Slackwire still uses bead.out for its boot strings, though

[makhomenos] Slackwire comes with boot strings?

[makhomenos] Did you hear that Nitro?

[Nitrozac] BeDope, how do you use it as a Sextant?

[makhomenos] Sextant? Sextent?

[chromatic] That's okay. BeadHat uses the weird rc.bead location for init scripts.

[BeDope] the same as you would use a traditional sextant ;)

[BeDope] full documentation is included

[chromatic] Bookend!

[makhomenos] Sax tent?

[greycat] six pence?

[td0] BeDope: So the BeAbs functions as I would expect it to? That's great!

[jetpack] BeDope: seems like it would be more acurate than the traditional sextant. you could use multi-string to align with multiple stars

[makhomenos] BeDope: how many vellum scrolls, so I can make room in my library?

[BeDope] 3.5

[bullit] is beadtel supporting the port to abacuses?

[BeDope] that includes the illustrations and forward

* chromatic looks at Nitrozac and swallows a handful of beads.

[jetpack] screw beadtel! their itanabead sux!

* chromatic coughs and sputters.

[Myriad] Chromatic: where they red or blue?

[Zilo] six pants?

[greycat] jetpack: well, the itanabead is still in development... I'll wait and see

[makhomenos] I hear AT&TC (American Telegraph and Tin Can) is working on an abacus-based system for connection switching.

[Veldrane] chromatic invents the quantum abacus engine.

[makhomenos] To replace all those operators.

[chromatic] Myriad, who cares? heh heh

[Myriad] :)

[makhomenos] Apparently they were having some issues with operator overloading.

* greycat groans

[jetpack] makhomenos: you really think that will work? hell, they couldnt even get it right when they had electricity

[jetpack] makhomenos: lol

[Zilo] makhomenos: I heard BeadCore was working on a binary TCWB (tapping cans with beads) transmission protocol

[makhomenos] jetpack: It's supposed to be based on Beadix

[makhomenos] And written in C--

[BEbeads] Thanks BeDope & Nitrozac for a fine presentation!

* makhomenos applauds

[chromatic] AT&T has bead latency and redundency issues... I heard that there is a context switching bug in their bead-swapping stack.

[BeDope] quite welcome bebeads

[greycat] Yeah, BeDope, that was great!

* chromatic claps and chokes.

[Veldrane] I heard they suffered from bead loss problems as well

[jetpack] makhomenos: well, that's their problem right there. It should have been written in Ab+ ... their threading will never work properly. C-- isnt rethreadable

[makhomenos] And just another reminder: after the presentation, Eric S Raymond is hosting Geeks with Guns. We will be shooting old, useless WinNT machines, as opposed to the new, useless WinNT machines of last year.

* chromatic throws AOL CDs into the air.

[otoPICO] dont shoot the pcs

[makhomenos] PULL!

* makhomenos blows an AOL CD out of the sky

[otoPICO] we need raw materials to rebuild the world

[Veldrane] that's not just a ploy to save money (patch holes on the old machines)

[BSwitkin] Nitro: The t-shirts look great, by the way.

[otoPICO] sun enterprise 450 make great end tables

[Idefix] Well I'm going to sleep now (3:52 AM), great presentation BeDope!

[Zilo] PDP-11's make great drink bars

[BeDope] Well, thank you all for coming. I must now return to my tent for a debriefing.

[makhomenos] Sensational presentation BeDope :)

[BeDope] thanks everyone

* prisoner heads off to watch "First Wave"

[prisoner] thanks, guys

[Inging] seeya bedope

[Nitrozac] do you need any pillow fluffing?

[prisoner] Ja ne...

[jetpack] it rocked, BeD. specially te multi-media presentation!

[Veldrane] hehehe...I like the idea of Nitrozac signing them whereever you request.

[chromatic] Bye Be!

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